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Why You Should Build A Custom Website Over WordPress

As you know WordPress itself is free, but there is a catch. The key phrase is managing of WordPress

Before I continue, let me make sure you understand that I can also install and customize the WordPress platform to suit your needs and charge you for that. read more...

Good Web Design Is Important For Your Business Success

Good design leaves people with a positive lasting impression of your brand, product or service.

People no longer just want to browse a website, they want to experience it. If it's done correctly it will attract and keep them, while done incorrectly it will make them decide to go. read more...

Does Outsourcing Software Development Work

Programmers from the Eastern Europe are highly appreciated when it comes to IT outsourcing.

Outsourced labor could cost up to 80% less than the same labor performed in-house in Western Europe or North America, which makes the outsourcing even more attractive. read more...