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Our Portfolio of Custom Software Development Projects

Even though we do other project types, the custom software is at the heart of what we do. All our software solutions are designed around your business objectives helping you to save costs, run more efficiently and increase revenue.

Note: Our portfolio is too big to be online, and we are saving everyone's time showing off only few of our projects.

portfolio screenshot - Dental Practice Management Software
Dental Practice Management Software

This smart and easy to use cloud-based application is fully packed of features - billing, scheduling, charting, and electronic dental health records.

portfolio screenshot - Student & HR Management Software
Student & HR Management Software

This application is packed with a lot of features, from students and employees management to rates, alerts, payment processor and accounting integration.

portfolio screenshot - Password Manager
Password Manager

With a lot of protection layers integrated, this password manager allows you to have a unique and strong password for every secure website.

portfolio screenshot - Car Parts Sales Management System
Car Parts Sales Management System

An application with quoting system, parts sales system, car parts management, customers tracking, invoicing, reporting, internal messaging system, tasks allocations and so much more.

portfolio screenshot - Freight Software and Orders Management
Freight Software and Orders Management

This application is designed to take online orders from suppliers, allow admins to process them and prepare the despatch documents as required.

portfolio screenshot - Population Projections Software
Population Projections Software

A program to make population projections based on the current population, and fertility, mortality, and migration rates for Australia.

portfolio screenshot - Startup Accounting Software
Startup Accounting Software

With this app your revenue and expenses are under control at all times. The automated booking and journal entries take care of your bookkeeping.

portfolio screenshot - Production Recording System
Production Recording System

This waste management system is individually designed to meet compliance requirements, record production, control inventory, and perform shipments.

portfolio screenshot - P2P Lending Software
P2P Lending Software

This system is specifically designed to connect borrowers and lenders with easy loan application approvals and automated risk assessment.

portfolio screenshot - Customer Recognition Software
Customer Recognition Software

The application we've designed stores the customer details, captures the frequency of visits, spending of the customers etc. and creates downloadable reports based on the details required.

portfolio screenshot - Nearby Tutors Directory
Nearby Tutors Directory

This is an ideal platform for high school and college students as well as younger learners to find a specialized tutor in the subject(s) they need to learn.

portfolio screenshot - New Zealand's Director Pool
New Zealand's Director Pool

We have designed and constructed the official website of the New Zealand Institute of Directors - Future Directors.

portfolio screenshot - MIT University Skopje
MIT University Skopje

We have designed and constructed the official website of the MIT University, including CMS that allows you to manage content without technical knowledge.

portfolio screenshot - Local Business Directory
Local Business Directory

We have designed and constructed this website for listing the local businesses in Switzerland, helping them to improve their presence on the web.

portfolio screenshot - Electronic Loan Management
Electronic Loan Management

Capital Bank AD Skopje has requested a simple but powerful electronic loan management. We provided a solution fully packed of features - online application, documents management, automatic loan analysis, approval process and much more.

portfolio screenshot - Complete Turnkey Store Solution
Complete Turnkey Store Solution

S.T.S., LLC Scottsdale, AZ, USA requested and we developed this world class ecommerce system that allows you to make money selling products online from your own store/website.