Why You Should Build A Custom Website Over WordPress

As you know WordPress itself is free, but there is a catch. The key phrase is managing of WordPress

Posted by Jugoslav on January 09, 2019

Before I continue, let me make sure you understand that I can also install and customize the WordPress platform to suit your needs and charge you for that.

However, I don't want you to find later on that you made the wrong decision because something can go wrong to negatively affect your site.

As you know WordPress itself is free, but there is a catch. The key phrase is managing of WordPress. If you don’t maintain a WordPress site, it will likely become slow and full of errors. This makes it an easy target for hackers though even maintained it's full of vulnerabilities that hackers could use to take advantage of your site.

You might think, why do we need to think of security? Our site is just starting out. There's no way it could be a target! Think again. Due to the popularity of WordPress, every site is a potential target. Thinking of security now ensures you won’t regret doing this later. At least, you should be ready when disaster strikes.

The other important aspect is the look & feel. Free themes are being used everywhere. To get a little more exclusive design and feel for the site, you guys should purchase a commercial "premium" theme. It's valid for the Plugins as well. Most plugin developers operate on a yearly renewal cycle. This means a year after initially purchasing the plugin, you will need to renew the plugin license to keep getting updates and support.

In other words, in the end, it will cost you more money and time than you realize.

Meaning, if your budget is low at the moment, we can determine the crucial services your website requires together, and negotiate the price or the payment terms but, don't go for WordPress.
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