Software Engineer - Back-End Developer / Front-End Developer

Custom Software For Your Business

Tailor Made Software

I design and deliver a wide range of software applications, from modern mobile and web applications and services, to the most complex desktop solutions for businesses and organizations.

CRM Systems

I use all the latest and proven technologies in designing customer relationship management software that allows you to manage your business, clients, sales and much more.


I am specialist in database design and implementation. I create powerful databases that perform great, are fast, reliable and do what the client needs.

Web Hosting

I host all my applications on high quality, cutting-edge servers, armoured with security and back-up support such that all your data is safe, for your peace of mind.

Maintenance & Support

I maintain and support all my applications and legacy systems, from creating priority tasks to expansion of new features meeting all your business needs.


I provide the best support and training so you can feel comfortable in no time with the change from the old way of doing your business to your new software system.

Software Development Outsourcing

I am providing a full spectrum of custom software development outsourcing services to companies around the globe.

My major strength is the ability to provide high quality services quickly with sustainable savings over the lifecycle of software products. I achieve this objective by using an effective approach that combines addressing the time-sensitive requirements with low-cost extension of my development team.

Software Development Consulting

I am reviewing your business model, current technology and your requirements, and provide an independent recommendation for improvement and faster project delivery.

I recognise not only what is required from a business perspective, but also what is achievable from a technical viewpoint.

What You Can Expect As A Client

I work closely with you from the start and throughout the product development, I share my knowledge and experience with you and provide you with options, so that you have guidance besides your vision for the software you require.

I never take anything for granted, taking the time to understand individual problems and answer your questions whenever they may arise.

The more difficult the project may seem, the more passionate I am. I have made solutions for customers who never thought it was possible, and even at reasonable prices.

I Am A Guy You Can Count On!