Emergency Room For Failed Custom Software Projects

The lowercase ER part of the name "ASPNETer" explained.

Posted by Jugoslav on April 20, 2019

Obviously, the base part of the name reflects the ASP.NET technology that I use for web developement - web sites, web application and web services.

The second part of the name (lowercased ER) stands for Emergency Room and this is why...

Stay Away From India and Pakistan

I believe that literally everyone has heard those horror stories about offshore development in India and Pakistan, when someone hires a couple of extra cheap junior developers offshore and then the project fails miserably.

I must admit that I have also had many personal failures with finding developers for scaling my development team.

Now you can say this is a wrong generalization and not all Indian and Pakistani developers are bad, but though there are probably plenty of Indians/Pakistanis that are perfectly competent, generally you can always expect a lower quality developers.

Meaning, if you hire an Indian or Pakistani freelancer(s) you need to be aware that, as your project gets more complex the more difficult it will be to succeed.

Be Careful

Thus, I strongly suggest you to be extremely careful because it might cost you your projects and maybe even your business. Yours perfectly working business model can be easily ruined.

I am telling you this because as can be seen at my freelancer's feedback rating, I have had a lot of clients contacting me after unsuccessful attempts with other freelancers from the mentioned countries.

Emergency Room

Without false modesty, I can tell you that without a single exception I was able to come in and save the day. Suddenly I found myself specializing in emergency development and "acute care" of failed projects. ☺ ☺

That is how I came to the idea to register the domain aspneter.com where ER stands for Emergency Room - definitely a little bizarre, but I like it!


The old cliche "you get what you pay for" does not always apply to offshore development. Like most things in life, it may only cost only 20-30% more to go first-class.

Finding good freelancers is a difficult thing – ASPNETer team is one to keep in your books!
Dean M.